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German-Taiwanese discussion: How to deal with an authoritarian past? 見證與反思—台德人權博物館實踐經驗交流論壇

Germans attend conference on transitional justice in Taiwan

Has Taiwan come to terms with its period of martial law and „White Terror“, or are there still open wounds to be healed? Can Germany’s experience in dealing with its own past provide any help?

This seems to be one of the few areas where experiences related to German division actually can be meaningfully compared to Taiwan’s situation.

Jörn Mothes was in Taipei one year ago and brought a piece of the Berlin Wall with him then. I filmed this German TV report about that event:

Hubertus Knabe is director of the East German Secret Police (Stasi) prison/museum Hohenschönhausen in Berlin. Writing on Taipei’s Jingmei Prison Memorial, I recommended Hohenschönhausen as a model for making students learn about their country’s history.

The conference program (click to enlarge):

Taiwan transitional justice conference program

On 14.11.2010 a symposium regarding different topics about how to deal with an authoritarian past and related issues will take place in Taipei.

Chinese title: 「見證與反思—台德人權博物館實踐經驗交流論壇」

There are four German guests to attend, among them are two former state commissioner for Stasi-files, Joern Mothes and Edda Ahrberg and the quite renowned director of the Museum (Stasi-prison) Hohenschoenhausen, Dr. Hubertus Knabe.

The symposium comes with German and Chinese translation.

Date and Place: 14.11.2010, 09.30 to 17:30h, Conference Room of the Institute of Social Science at the NTU, Xuzhou Rd. No. 21  (registration: 29393091#67575)


時間:2011年11月14日(星期日)09:30 -17:30

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  1. Im TV-Beitrag fand ich die klare Aussage, dass Chiang Kai-shek ein Diktator war, der viele Menschenleben auf dem Gewissen hatte, sehr gut. Das wird in Beiträgen über Taiwan meistens nicht so deutlich gemacht. Erste Ansätze zur Aufarbeitung der totalitären Ära während der Regierungszeit von Chen Shui-bian wurden ja unter Ma Ying-jeou gleich wieder zurückgedreht. Die Kuomintang ist noch lange nicht soweit.

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