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How much Taiwan can you fit into 6 second Vine videos?

Vine Taiwan

I am on Vine now!

What can you tell in six seconds of video? With the Vine app, millions of users worldwide are trying to find out – with surprising results. I joined only recently. Check out my sweet little impressions of life in Taiwan!

Being a TV journalist by profession, I like to tell stories with moving images. So I took to Vine and its video loops instead of Instagram, which is mainly focussed on photos.

One Vine a day keeps boredom away

Check out my Vine profile to see all videos, and follow me so you don’t miss future updates:

While in Taiwan, I will try to post a Vine video on a daily basis.

With the Vine app installed on a smartphone, shooting and uploading a video is literally a matter of seconds.

What I really like about Vine is the ability to easily compose a video of several shots. Without this, it would just be moving photos. Only the montage enables you to experiment and really tell stories.

I plan to figure out what’s possible as I go along.

My slices of life in Taiwan

These are some of my first Taiwan Vine videos. Make sure to watch them with the sound turned on. To unmute, hover over the lower right corner of each video.

Vine Taiwanreporter

Are you on Vine, too? Can you recommend channels with great Taiwan Vines?

Klaus Bardenhagen

Klaus Bardenhagen


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