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Some wild photos and videos from today’s Gay Pride Parade in Taipei


For the 10th time, the Taiwan LGBT Pride Parade took place in the streets of Taipei today. Tens of thousands of people participated; probably as many as 50,000.

Apart from making everybody have a good time, the organizers wanted to raise attention for legalizing same-sex marriages. More background here. And AFP reports: „Taiwan is one of the most culturally liberal societies in East Asia.“

Here are some pictures and videos I took today. Enjoy!

Big hair, big bodies.

This is not the Super Mario I remember!

This girl posed almost naked in front of Taiwan’s national parliament, and no one bothered. Freedom feels good.

Many fantastic costumes on the street today.

The parade passed by a Christian church on Linsen Rd. in downtown Taipei.

What does it take to get on the band wagon?

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Klaus Bardenhagen


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