Ein Interview mit mir, eines mit Freddy Lim

Freddy Lim

Ich bin zwar ausgebildeter Fernsehreporter, selbst aber eher kamerascheu. Doch für ein ausführliches Gespräch über Taiwan und Corona habe ich meine Zurückhaltung über Bord geworfen. Und dann haben wir noch Rockstar-Politiker Freddy Lim getroffen. Es ist noch nicht lange her, da war Webcam-Optik verpönt, galt als amateurhaft und nach Fernseh-Maßstäben nicht sendefähig. Die Auswirkungen der […]

Tsai Ing-wen on Germany and Transitional Justice

How Taiwan looks at German Vergangenheitsbewältigung*  After the recent High School Nazi Cosplay Scandal, President Tsai gave an English speech about how Taiwan should deal with history, education and transitional justice. Here is a transcript and a video. With the 70th anniversary of 228 around the corner, transitional justice and how to proceed has become […]

Watch Ma Ying-jeou’s press conference in English

12 questions, 12 answers, 1 video Taiwan’s president Ma Ying-jeou has not been talking to the foreign press in English since he felt being misquoted by AP a few years ago. In order to give non-Chinese-speakers an impression of what a press conference with Ma is like, I recorded today’s event with the English simultaneous […]

Ma Ying-jeou calls Taiwan’s society „purely ethnic Chinese soil“

Tsou Aborigine Taiwan

Taiwan’s president and the Chinese heritage Taiwan’s president Ma often stresses that Taiwanese are ethnic Chinese, even though this cannot be said of all citizens. With his latest quote on the subject, he might cause new controversy. Ma Ying-jeou recently gave an interview to several reporters working for foreign media. During this interview, he is […]

President Ma, thank you for almost answering my question

Cardboard President Ma

How Taiwan president Ma addressed the foreign press The other day, the Taiwan Foreign Correspondents‘ Club welcomed President Ma Ying-jeou to an international press conference. All members had the right to raise questions. After asking you, dear readers, I decided on one that I found especially important. Watch how Ma replied. (No, this is not […]

What do you want me to ask Ma Ying-jeou this Friday?

Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou

Anything you want to know from Taiwan’s president? On Friday morning, President Ma Ying-jeou will give an English press conference for the Taiwan Foreign Correspondents‘ Club. Like all members, I will have the chance to ask him one question. What would you suggest? What do you want me to ask Ma Ying-jeou? Please leave a […]