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My 13 points: „You know you’ve lived in Taiwan a long time when…“

Exchange students Taiwan

Do you agree with #11 ?

I first came to Taiwan in 2008 and moved here in 2009. That doesn’t make me a long-timer, but probably qualified to contribute to the popular genre of „You know you’ve lived in Taiwan too long if…“ lists.

What happened?

So now it’s up to me!

You know you’ve lived in Taiwan a long time when…

1. Those German exchange students you once met and wrote about are all working in cool jobs by now.

Exchange students Taiwan

2. You are comparing current elections campaigns to the ones from four years ago. Or longer.

Taiwan 2008 elections

3. You are irritated if there is no TV running in a restaurant.

4. You think buildings like this look perfectly fine. Above average, in fact.

Building Taipei

5. You buy fluorescent tubes for your living room. Because they are bright.

6. There’s an Aboriginal village in the mountains where an elder declared you his brother, and once a year you join the rest of the warriors dancing from dusk till dawn, drinking millet wine from a bamboo bucket.

Taiwan Aborigines Dance

7. Most pictures of scenic spots in your photo library are outdated by now.

Sun Moon Lake 2008

8. Staff at your 7-Eleven are surprised when you order another kind of coffee than usual.

9. You remember when the Taipei MRT used to look like this:

Old Taipei MRT map

10. You don’t even notice people casting glances at you because of your foreigner-ness anymore.

11. Typhoons and Taiwanese wedding banquets feel boring to you. Seen one, seen ‚em all.

Taiwan Typhoon Warning

12. When looking at any globe or map of the world, your first thought is to check if Taiwan has a different colour than China.

13. You think warning signs like these are totally normal.

Hospital Warning Sign

Acorns Warning Sign

Any more reasons?

The biggest list on the subject that I know of is simply called „You know you’ve been in Taiwan too long if…“ It has 91 points, and the first one I recognized myself in was #46.

What about you? How has Taiwan changed you? Leave your comments below!

About me

I am a German reporter living and working in Taiwan. Read more English posts on this otherwise mostly German blog. You can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Vine, and Google Plus.

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