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10 Photos to prove that Taiwanese can sleep anytime, anywhere. Amazing!

They start practicing in Kindergarten. They get better at school. They are masters by the time they graduate from university. And they use their skills every day at the office. Give a Taiwanese a desk and some minutes of free time, and he or she will fall asleep immediately.

Actually, it does not even have to be a desk.

Are you Taiwanese? How do you do it?

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Klaus Bardenhagen

Klaus Bardenhagen


9 Antworten

  1. I studied in Taiwan for one year and totally agree! When I studied Chinese in the library, a bunch of Taiwanese just came to take their nap there. Of course I also took a picture of it. So funny: One line of sleeping Taiwanese students. After a few weeks of resistance I tried this phenomenon by myself – so called „field studies“ ;0). First it happened accidentally on the MRT. 45minutes from Taipei city to Danshuei…and when I woke up and looked around, I realised that no one was laughing or taking pictures of me! So it became a habit :0) The only people who were laughing about me: My German friends who came to visit me in Taiwan after a while. Therefore, I suggest everyone to give it a try. During your studies it is refreshing and on the MRT it brings you faster to your destination ;0) Fortunately Danshuei was the final station though… It is hard to abandon this habit when your back in your country so be careful!

  2. Practice? Nah. It’s probably something about us…

    I once fell asleep in a meeting in the US. „It’s what the Taiwanese do!“ would have been a far better excuse than it being a really really boring meeting.

  3. Hi Kiat, thank you for confirming my suspicion. I really envy you for that skill, it must come in handy quite often – on a plane, bus, waiting at the airport…

  4. hahaha it´s so true, I´m not Taiwanese but I´m living in Taiwan, I´m not used to this, but I already have some pictures of my co workers sleeping…sorry i couldn´t help it, YOU WILL SEE A LOOOOT OF TAIWANESE SLEEPING PEOPLE IN THE SO CALLED MRT, at least in one wagon can be 10 taiwanese dreaming…haha

  5. Ha… This is funny and true too. I am Taiwanese, we are forced to take a nap on our own desk after lunch for preventing fall asleep during afternoon classes since kindergarten to senior high. Before college, we have been practicing this for 13 to 14 years.

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