Taiwan or China? The truth about Germany’s official country codes

When a Taiwanese working in Germany as an intern complained that she had to state her citizenship as “Chinese” in official documents, her post on the PTT bulletin board quickly attracted a lot of media attention in Taiwan. Many netizens left comments saying they were shocked or disappointed. Some suspected: This must be an appeasement […]

Wer will eine deutsche Band live in Taiwan hören? Jetzt 5 Karten zu verschenken

Schon mal was von Spark gehört? Eine junge klassische Band aus Deutschland gibt vier Konzerte in vier taiwanischen Städten, und hier werden Freikarten vergeben! Erfahren Sie mehr über Spark und ihre Taiwan-Auftritte vom 30.9. bis zum 5.10.2014. Den Pferdewagen werden sie wohl in Deutschland lassen. Geige, Cello und zwei Blockflöten passen ins Flugzeug. Und Klaviere […]

How much Taiwan can you fit into 6 second Vine videos?

I am on Vine now! What can you tell in six seconds of video? With the Vine app, millions of users worldwide are trying to find out – with surprising results. I joined only recently. Check out my sweet little impressions of life in Taiwan! Being a TV journalist by profession, I like to tell […]