Nachruf auf einen bayerischen Sachsen in Taiwan

Andreas Forster

Andreas Forster vom „Smoky Inn“ In Taiwan leben etwa 1000 Deutsche. Einige von ihnen sehen ihre Heimat nicht mehr wieder. Auf dem alten Ausländer-Friedhof in Tamsui finden sich Grabsteine mit deutschen Namen, die heute in Taiwan wohl niemandem mehr etwas sagen. Ein Deutscher, der bis vor kurzem in Taiwan gelebt und gearbeitet hat, war Andreas […]

Whalen’s: A Canadian restaurant in Taipei that you will leave full

My first encounter with Canadian cuisine I don’t often visit Western restaurants in Taipei, but Whalen’s on Anhe Rd. is one I will probably come back to. Maybe it’s simply because it is a Canadian establishment, and therefore has a slightly exotic aura for a Central European like me, but Whalen’s does some thing rights […]

(closed) The best Western restaurant in Taipei you’ve never heard of

The food is so good, I just keep coming back! Sorry, the restaurant has closed. (2017) It doesn’t look like much from the outside, and although it’s on Xinyi Rd., you’ve probably never passed by this restaurant. But let me tell you: It is one of the best places I know in Taipei for really […]

Taiwan street food at its best: My favourite restaurant in Taipei

Niu Rou Juan Bing

To die for: Niu Rou Juan Bing on Daan Rd. I am currently a very happy man. After what feels like more than a year, my favourite traditional little restaurant is back in business. Culinary heaven for just a few NT$ – this is where you can find it. According to the guy next door, […]